7 years old: Toys for them

Published: 13th March 2009
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A seven year old is grown enough for facing the regular challenges. He is capable of solving the puzzles and they are indeed more challenging with more intricate patterns. The crafts and designs which they can solve are sometimes more detailed and intricate. Riding toys are also bigger in size. Within this time the child learns more on helmets and their uses. But you cannot buy them bicycle lest any accident occurs. For this reason, tricycles are the best choice. At present the children have become more advanced and cannot stay satisfied with the mere tricycles. For this reasons, the electronics companies invents various goods for the children.

The seven year old child is capable of model building. So at present the sports items meant for the seven years old are of the adult size. Another important thing is not to let them play with children who are below the age of 4 years. They may cause harm to those kids.

Electronic toys: The electronic toys are the best companions of the 7 years old child. They can play with the electronic equipments and have a lot of fun. There are electronic gadgets which are interesting enough for the kids to keep them engrossed for the entire day. Numerous games are available in these electronic gadgets. You can play thief and dacoits, hide and seek as well as car race. While playing these games, the children are able to learn the basic operation features. This increases their intuition and also helps to increase their intellect.

Polly Pockets: The Polly pack is a miniature version of the doll. The children are required to dress up the doll so that it looks elegant. They are Polly and her fiends. These miniature dolls are about 3 inches tall. Polly and her friends have their dresses and shoes. The task is to dress up the dolls. Polly is a basic game for the 7 years old girls. The child is required to dress up the dolls in such way that exactly the same dress is won by the doll. This is a bit tough task and a child's intuition is gradually increased in this manner.

Sweet Streets: It consists of blocks by which you can make entire village. You have to build the house by placing the blocks one by one. The child can also make the shops and the associated playgrounds in this manner. It is an interesting game and is enjoyed by the girls and boys alike.

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