Buying Beautiful Indian Wedding Cards

Published: 22nd March 2011
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There are more than 10 million Indian marriages a year. Indian middle class families earning between $5,000 and $23,000 annually may spend up to an average $40,000 on a marriage. Some richer families may also spend up to $2 million! Considerably, average American wedding costs about $30,000. This is why the wedding planning industry in India is worth well over $50 billion and up scaling at 25% a year! From grand Indian wedding cards through the entire detailed rituals and ceremonies, Indian marriages are some of the world's most vibrant celebrations.

Wedding planning is a comparatively new development in Indian marriages. More people want extravagant and expensive marriages. In an ordinary upper middle class urban marriage in the northern part of the country, it isn't surprising to find the most exotic arrangements. From imported sports cars to herald in the groom, to orchid displays, and film stars as social candy - most Indian weddings are a gala and visually spectacular affair. The marriage ceremony and its many customs and procedures only elaborate how beautiful and vibrant the mixed heritage and culture of India is.

But Indian wedding cards and invitations are in itself a large part of the process. Whether the marriage happens in the country or abroad, any Indian marriage has a much detailed invitation process. The elders usually arrange the invitations which must be genial and cordial. While many times it isn't possible to personally hand in invitations, but the wedding cards are sent in by mail or courier. But overall, each invitation should be very personal and warm.

In many situations, young couples are breaking the stereotypical arrange marriage system and moving on to marriages of their choice. In such a change, often, the family may not agree with your views. But regardless of the differences, you still do want to feel the satisfaction of having done justice to the invitation process by inviting as many relatives as possible. It is an unwritten rule in Indian weddings - the more, the merrier! But when you are looking to get married, there are huge responsibilities and a vast number of duties on your hands that seem to be never ending. From selecting the right Indian wedding cards, to successfully arranging the marriage, professional help is a boon.

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