Buying Unique Hindu Wedding Cards

Published: 07th March 2011
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There isn't probably any occasion in the world that is more extravagant than a traditional Hindu wedding. A ceremony that lasts for days, for which the preparations may be on for a month - any Indian marriage is a very elaborate event. From colorful hindu wedding cards and Indian wedding invitations, to the hundreds of rituals followed; the entire ceremony is a detailed affair. People spend thousands of rupees in a marriage only on marriage cards; and the expenditure of the whole event could be in crores!

The Indian marriage industry is worth the most in the world. The value of the industry is well over 10,000 crores annually, with 10 million marriages happening each year. That means that the average Indian marriage costs well over 20 lakh rupees! Considering the average middle class family earns about 2 to 3 lakhs a year, they spend most of their life savings on such a wedding. Invitations to such ceremonies cost about 5% of the entire budget; hence, it is understandable that marriage cards and the invitation process are a very important and sentimental part of the matrimony.

Marriage cards are being made from various materials today, from the papyrus-like reed paper to synthetic polyester. In fact, some celebrities and affluent families even have gold on their wedding invitations! It is all about the grandeur expressed. Marriage is a sacred social insignia of identity and esteem, not only for the couple, but also for both the families. Hindu wedding cards are the best way a family shows its pride, because Indian wedding invitations are formal affairs where marriage cards are vital.

But people have newer demands for their marriage cards. Handmade paper is one of latest demands for Indian wedding invitations. Hindu wedding card makers are looking for more ethnic material like silk and 'zari' (metal woven cloth). Even wood engraved and hand carved tablets are being used to bring back the ancient traditional form of Hindu wedding cards used during the time of kings and princes! In this competitive scenario of various kinds of special and attractive Indian wedding invitations, more companies are stepping in to the market. Only a few, however, make unique quality products - most are simply marriage card printers making generic bulk designs.

Regal Cards have been in business since 1939, making some of the most grand and celebrated Indian wedding invitations. In fact, they are the preferred choices of families looking to commission Hindu wedding cards or any kind of marriage cards like RSVP, mixed communities, religious, ethnic, or neo-modern. You can now also order online on their website displaying their collections.

If you want your wedding invitation to be unique and special, visit and find the latest and exceptional designer Indian wedding cards online!

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