Different House Wiring Methods And Their Effects

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Whether you're constructing your dream mansion, or repairing your ancestral property...house wiring is something that always needs to be dealt with utmost importance and professionalism. There are different house wiring methods, and the variation depends on the type of wire that is being used and part of the building where wiring is being done. However, what method would be use by an electrical contractor for wiring of a house strictly depends on the electrical needs of the household and preferences of the homeowner.

Talking about the different types of house wiring methods, you would understand that the most common procedure involves using copper wires to connect various wall outlets and electrical fixtures to junction boxes, which are then connected to the main electrical panel of your building. Variations in the aforesaid method can be made by altering the type of wire (or cables) that are used. Either aluminum or commercial silver wires can be used for the purpose. Moreover, instead of using the junction box...the electrical fixtures can be directly connected to the main panel (or circuit breaker) of your building. Sometimes, especially when you're renovating an old mansion, electrical wires are routed and connected directly into a fuse instead of the circuit breaker.

Since, we have discussed the different methods of house wiring...it's a good time that we also look into the effects of these procedures on the performance of your building's electrical infrastructure. Whether the wirings of your house would last for a good long time strictly depends on the quality of work that would be done by the electrical contractor you may hire. Reputed electricians believe that using either copper or aluminum cables would be a good choice for house wiring. While copper is a better conductor of electricity than aluminum, but the later is much cheaper and can be used to run long distances due to its lightweight property. On the other end, silver wiring is always an expensive affair and should be used when an extremely high level of conductivity is required. However, it's generally accepted that better performance can be easily achieved when electrical fixtures or utilities are directly wired into their circuit. When this is done, overloading and tripping is decreased to a good extent. And, this automatically optimizes the performance of your electrical appliances.

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