EID Abayas - The Perfect Choice For Special Occasions

Published: 11th October 2010
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Eid is a time for celebration, a time for togetherness after a month long wait marked with devotion and sanctity. This annual festivity in the Islamic calendar calls for celebration far and wide. Wearing a special dress and looking beautiful is part of the Eid celebration. To make the most out of this annual occasion, designer hijabs, burqa and abayas are designed by leading fashion designers. The latest in the line is celebrity designer Fatima Al Jetbi's special Eid collection which was recently unveiled at Oriental Red Carpet Emerging Designer Contest 2010 at the Dubai Ladies Club. International models including renowned Russian beauty Darya Kovalenko walked the ramps looking elegant in a turquoise designer EID abayas.

Whenever it comes to Eid women prefer to dress up in their traditional attire. This makes them look not only elegant but also keeping at par with the tenets of Islam. It also provides an escape from normal outfits. EID abayas are generally worn on top of the other garments. Abayas are generally loose fitting cloaks covering almost the entire length of the body and are customary for women to wear during festivities like Eid. According to holy books in Islam, wearing an abayas pleases Allah as well, making it a usual outfit for all religious gatherings. Naturally the demand for new EID abayas reaches a maximum during EID.

When it comes to color and variation EID abayas provides a lot of variety. Generally, white and green are considered to be the colors of Islam. Hence, abayas in these two colors find much popularity during EID shopping season. Besides, these two colors come with a lot of neutral shades, making the Abayas look all the more exquisite. To embellish the dress up, Muslim women prefer to embroider their newly bought Abayas with ornate tailor-made designs made with golden and silver threads. Nowadays, designer EID abayas comes in a lot of loud colors as well. The fabric used varies considerably, from cotton to silk to chiffon. You can get a whole lot of variety when it comes to designer EID Abayas meant for the special day of festivity.

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