Elegant Christian Wedding Invitation Cards

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Christian marriages are among the more tranquil and quaint of all Indian weddings. Although held in churches and very much like other Christian weddings in America or Europe, Christian marriages in India have a trend or two of their own. For example, Christian marriages in India have usually two phases. While one is serene and elegant like a traditional marriage, the other phase is about much song, dance, and celebration. Christian wedding invitations too, have some of their own unique trends.

For example, Indian marriages usually are very loud and constitute fuss much over simply inviting guests. Each guest must be cordially and personally invited by the elders. Invitation cards must be of the most dazzling designs and hues to give maximum eye candy. But Christian marriages involve the community and the entire affair of a couple getting married is usually well known from far in advance. While the younger generations take care of their bit, the elders invite and inform among their own group. But one of the most important and visibly distinctions between Christian marriages and other Indian matrimony is the participation process. While only the elders of other religions decide and arrange the marriages, Christian matrimony is more active in involving the entire community.

Almost an entire church's flock collectively starts arranging for a Christian wedding invitation. While the family members have most of the duties, the neighbors, family friends, godfathers, and godmothers all come together for planning the occasion! With different Christian communities in India, depending on which part of the country they are from; come different matrimonial practices. Christians from Goa, Bengal, Kerala, and each state have their very distinct matrimonial practices, rituals, and customs.

Wedding planning is a recent development adopted into the Indian marriage scenario, but rapidly growing. Professionally planned weddings are more elaborate and extravagant - hence bringing more prestige of social class. Most urban marriages happening in the country today use the services of wedding planners in some way or the other. The marriage ceremony planning business in India is now above 10,000 crore rupees a year! This revenue comes from over 10 million marriages a year, putting the average Indian wedding costs at about 10lakhs each. With a population of about 40 million Christians, that is a huge bulk of business for matrimonial ceremony organizers!

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