How To Make Proper Sikh Wedding Invitations

Published: 22nd March 2011
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The northwest Indian province of Punjab is home to a very energetic and colorful people. Sikh wedding invitations are just as gala and extravagant as the wedding itself. In this land of rugged geography and agricultural bounty, nothing comes in small packages. From its people to the festivals, everything has to glamorous and pomp. Being generally rich people, Punjabi marriages are elaborate and very gaily celebrated where ever they may be held.

Many Sikhs live abroad and you can identify one in almost any corner of the planet. But even while living far away from their home land, the Sikhs are very devout in their religion and beliefs and extremely proud of their heritage and customs. Their marriage rituals and ceremonies are just as elaborate and vibrant as in any other part of the country. However, these marriages are almost never quaint and light affairs. Song, dance, grandeur, gold, processions, and an overall show of wealth is a predominant part of Punjabi weddings. With most of the people of this sect belonging to the upper middle class and rich class, their weddings are also very genial matters.

The Indian wedding industry is worth over a whopping 10,000 crore rupees a year! With the average Indian wedding costs being well Rs. 10 lakhs, and the industry growth at 25% annually - it is by far among the biggest in the world. Millions of Sikh wedding invitations go out each year, many of them abroad as well. However, most Sikhs living abroad somehow prefer to return to their native soil to celebrate this most important occasion of life. With millions of dollars into the business of Indian marriages, imported BMWs as the grooms' carriage, celebrity eye candy, and lakhs spent on Sikh wedding invitations are but expected affairs.

Any Punjabi marriage must have an invitation process just as vibrant and cheerful as the ceremony, and yet requires having the rustic traditional respect. The colors red, maroon, cream silk, rich blue and turquoise are commonly used with a mandatory factor of gold and silver decorations. Sparkling and eye catching, everything in Punjab must be larger than life! Even the invitation process is sometimes carried out in style with chauffeured cars or traditionally dressed foot servants presenting the cards.

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