Nose Piercing Precautions

Published: 04th March 2010
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Recently nose piercing has become a very popular fashion trend, especially among South African and Asian Communities. In these countries, nose piecing is a part of religious rituals. Nose piercing looks great and funky too, but there is no gain without pain. Therefore, immense amount of care must be taken during and after the body piercing technique. The procedure is not as crucial as the healing of the wound.

The nose piercing procedure must be essentially performed by a professional. If you don't take care of the nose piercing it can prove to be very expensive for your health as well as wealth. Therefore, here are a few guidelines to follow during the healing process of the nose piercing wound. One must clean and disinfect the area of the wound as well as the nose jewelry to remove any possible germsĀ or dried blood from the area. One can use a good disinfectant like betadine solution or warm salt water, during the healing process one must take care, to stay away from any bleaching products like hydrogen peroxide.

Before buying nose piercing jewelry is it is essential to check the material of the product to find out if you are having any allergies to that material. Today there are a variety of online stores available in the web sphere selling body jewelry in a variety of materials. Jewelry made for 14 to 18 carat gold, surgical steel, niobiumĀ or titanium is the best choice. As this type of jewelry is hypo allergic and does not cause any allergies. Other materials like surgical steel and niobium or titanium is the best. Sterling Silver is also recommended in nose piercing jewelry.

For people with allergies there are a variety of safe materials like plastic which is close in composition to the human body skin and is safe for sensitive skin. Plastic is also preferable as it is low cost. Body jewelry is more popular among teenagers and those who are just out of their teens. Also, people often tend to fiddle with the jewelry. This is not a clean habit as the germs from your hands could get transferred to the nose piercing area and infections may result. If the piercing is painful and swelling or oozing occurs one must consult the doctor for expert opinion.

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