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Published: 22nd March 2011
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Hindu weddings are some of the most elaborate and colorful rituals in the world. As per the customs of the religion, there are intricate details and important rituals in the entire ceremony that lasts for days. From the beginning of Hindu wedding invitation formalities, to the turmeric ceremony, the first meet, and many ceremonies that follow; there are numerous activities. In fact, most modern Hindu marriages can't even manage to abide by half of all the customs.

Another very vibrant part of Hindu marriages is the fact that every creed and caste has their unique distinct rituals to follow. While south Indian communities have their own rituals, Bengali marriages have their distinct features. Every corner of India adds a different shade to Hindu marriages in that community. But universally, Hindu wedding invitations are a part of the formalities that remain as one of the foremost priorities. Each guest should feel personally and cordially invited and made to feel that the entire ceremony would remain imperfect without their presence. This is also because guests are considered gods in the Hindu religion, and the blessings of strangers are considered more valued than even the closest relatives and well wishers.

Hindu wedding invitations are elaborate and detailed processes that need professional looking into. From the design, color, and grandeur of the cards and invitation letters; to the personalized delivery process - each activity must be perfect. Usually, the family elders take on the responsibility of inviting the guests and deciding the venue. Traditionally, the family makes the arrangement and plans the event from the day the marriage is fixed. However, a modern trend in Hindu matrimonial procedures is hiring a professional wedding planner.

The wedding planning industry is a western trend adopted into the Indian scene rather recently. Today, it's an annually $50 billion industry, and competing with the American industry which is worth about the same. While the average American wedding is worth $30,000; an average Indian wedding from any religion is budgeted at $40,000 and above. Richer people even spend up to $2 million for the wedding! With 10 million marriages a year, the industry is rising at about 25% annually.

For everything from regarding organizing your marriage, a professional wedding planner can do magic. But when it comes to making your wedding's invitation cards, you need separate professionals.

Wedding Invitation India offers innovative and trendy designs of traditional Hindu wedding invitations.

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