Process Excellence as a differentiator in the IT/ BPO industry?

Published: 25th August 2008
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Impact of Process Excellence in IT/ BPO sector

IT/ BPO sector is one of the most thriving industries in today's scenario. The competition is high as there are many IT/ BPO industries fighting for their share of the market. It is thus imperative to have differentiators. This is so because the prospective customer is contacted by scores of such people daily. It is a differentiator that can make your organization stand apart from the crowd.

A differentiator is thus an attribute that is perceived by the customer as something unique in the product/service. Process excellence is these days used as a key differentiator in IT/ BPO industry.

How does process excellence help?

Many people may be apprehensive about how can process excellence help an organization. Here are some of the benefits that an organization can have by being process-oriented:

• It can respond effectively in a changing environment. This is helpful for the IT/ BPO sector as it is highly dynamic

• It can increase productivity and efficiency of the processes and optimize costs

• It helps in setting priorities and aligning tasks towards the business goal

• It helps in keeping a track on the source of problems and find quick solutions

• Increases accountability of activities by defining the 'process owners'

• Distribution of task is done according to the skill set of employees

• Adopt the right technology

• Maximize benefits from the investments

The combination of the best business practices with industry standards, along with efficient technology and domain knowledge helps driving process excellence. Leading bpo service providers apply the principles of Lean Six Sigma to remove defects and disparity and to reduce inefficiency. Their ability to deliver continuous process improvement is an important part of the value they deliver to their clients.

Process excellence at Firstsource helps deliver quality implementations seamlessly and provides continuous business process improvements to clients.

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