The importance of Automotive Engineering

Published: 28th February 2009
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What is Automotive Engineering?

The automotive engineering degree program comprises a four-year bachelor's degree that mainly concentrates on acquiring the automotive engineering skills that is extremely essential for the automotive industry at present.

Laboratory experience: College students who prefer this branch of study (Automotive Engineering Technology AET) receive hands-on laboratory experience in the process of automotive engineering, mechanical testing, metallurgy, emission and dynamometer testing. Moreover, the student is also required to do on-the-job automotive engineering internships which are regarded as an essential part of this college automotive AET degree and automotive engineering degree program.

Basic principles of automotive industry: Automotive Engineering Technology AET prepares individuals on how to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of automotive engineers and other automotive technology professionals. They are mainly involved in developing, automotive manufacturing and testing self-propelled ground vehicles and their systems.

Vehicular systems technology: AET degree programs also consists of instruction in vehicular systems technology, automotive design and automotive development testing, instrument calibration, automotive test equipment operation, automotive technology maintenance, and report preparation.

Graduates of AET degree program (automotive engineering degree & automotive technology degree) are among the highest-paid employees in reputed organizations. In this because of the fact that global automotive manufacturer in America requires automotive engineering development along with accurate skills that are obtained by the student during his course of automotive technology bachelors degree program. A student is often faced with the difficult decision of choosing from quite a few desirable and lucrative automotive engineering. But the
Bachelor's Degree Automotive Technology ultimately is the best choice.

Score: College Students who wants to pursue Automotive Engineering Degree and AET degree program must have a score of 2.75 GPA from high school and also a 17 ACT composite and math 19 sub-score. In case of a transfer student, he or she is required to have completed a two-year associate's degree. The norm varies from one institution to another but generally it is the same in most cases with a slight variation.

Professional help: Automotive Technology Program is taught by professional teachers. After completion of your graduation, you can do your doctorate degrees, master's degrees, bachelor's degree and associate degree automotive programs.

Make your dream come true: If you have always dreamed of working with cars and cars are your only dream, you can actually turn your passion into a challenging, exciting and lucrative career while pursuing Automotive Technology Associate's Degree. An Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology will also be able to provide you a job in the automotive repair shop.

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