The Power To Get In - How Creative Prospecting Gets More Appointments

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Published: 04th January 2011
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Prospecting is the activity of searching for potential customers. Several successful organizations have shunned the old form of prospecting. These days, leading market players are opting for innovative prospecting techniques. Creative prospecting is critical for sustainable sales success. Out of box thinking can help you get more appointments, sets you apart from the crowd and gets you more sales.

Creative Prospecting Techniques to Gain More Appointments

Here are a few creative prospecting techniques that can fetch you more appointments:

Prepare Well

Prepare a complete list, including the name, number and other relevant details. Collect information about the prospect, including his personality, age, marital status and occupation is important. This can help you relate to the person and handle objections. This, in turn, can result in increased number of appointments for you. However, do not spend too much time on researching.

Use a Script

It is always preferable to use a script. It must include the features and benefits of using your company's products or services. Also include how the prospect will benefit from meeting you personally. Do learn and practice the script well. You need not read the script while talking to a prospect. However, you may refer to it, in case you get off the track.

Do Not Try to Sell on Phone

The main purpose of prospecting is to fix a face-to-face meeting with the prospect. It is preferable to focus only on fixing an appointment rather than trying to sell your product over the phone. Shift your calling hours to when your prospects are more likely to be available.

Voice Mail Message

Leaving effective voice mail messages is another way to generate more appointments. It increases the chances of getting return calls. Prospects who do not call back might still listen to the entire message. Studies have revealed that it takes nearly four to seven approaches for a person to respond to a new matter. It has also been observed that majority salesmen give up after three attempts.

Identify Gathering Places

Identify the places where people usually like to congregate, such as gym, golf courses, meet-up groups, comedy clubs, theaters and book reading clubs. You can enhance your probabilities by meeting new people at these places.

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