Tips on Caring for Rottweiler Puppies

Published: 11th September 2008
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Caring for and feeding Rottweiler puppies properly is very important because a puppy needs a good start in order to grow into a healthy, happy dog. Rottweiler puppies have some very specific needs that you need to be aware of before you bring home a new Rottweiler puppy. Here are some tips on caring for and feeding a Rottweiler puppy:

1. Proper vet care and vaccinations are essential. Make sure that you see your vet soon after you bring your new puppy home and keep the puppy on a strict vaccination schedule.

2. Always feed a high quality food to your puppy. When you bring your puppy home make sure that you continue feeding the puppy that same food that the breeder uses. If you want to change the puppy's food do it slowly. Add just a handful of the new food to the old food and then gradually start adding more and more of the new food. If you switch the brands too quickly your puppy could get sick.

3. Socialization is crucial for Rottweiler puppies. Rottweiler puppies should start being socialized within a year. They need to be taught what acceptable behavior is and how to behave around family members, kids, the general public and other dogs. Properly socialized Rottweilers will grow up to be loving, even tempered dogs usually. But if they are not properly socialized they could have problems later in life.

4. Puppies, like kids, respond well to routines - The quicker you can establish a routine for your Rottweiler puppy the more comfortable your puppy will be. Just like children Rottweiler puppies enjoy having a routine and thrive when they are given lots of training, lots of exercise, and a solid routine.

5. Give your time some time to adjust - Coming to live in your house is an adjustment for puppy just like it's an adjustment for your family. Make sure that you give your new puppy some time to adjust to being in a new place with new people.

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