Why People Use Wedding RSVP Cards

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Wedding planning is an elaborate and well paid profession. People spend more than 10,000 crore rupees a year on 10 million weddings in India. Though professional planning is a recent affair in Indian weddings, these ceremonies are among the most elaborate and ritualistic in the world. People need professional hands to ensure that each aspect of the affair is looked into. While the average American marriage costs about $30,000; a comparative Indian marriage may cost well above $40,000! This is why; the invitation process must help the planners save costs and resources from the beginning with incorporating wedding RSVP cards.

RSVP is an abbreviated form of the French word "Rpondez s'il vous plait" meaning 'please respond'. Invitations that come with the RSVP tag mean that only the respondent is listed as 'invited'. Wedding RSVP cards are slowly more commonly being accepted as a necessary part of Indian marriage invitations, as each guest has a considerable budget dedicated per head. With responses giving the planners an exact number of heads to expect, planning and pricing can be a much easier process.

Generally, about 5% of an Indian marriage's budget is simply spent on the invitation process. This includes everything from cards, courier and delivery charges, and reception of guests. Personal invitation and cordial behavior is vital while inviting a guest. The elders of the house may invite some of the more important and honorable guests personally by home visits. Rich Indian families often send traditionally dressed foot servants to distribute the invitation. In fact, when it comes to a typical Indian marriage invitation, show and grandeur are vital for the affair to be satisfactory.

But many Indian families are not willing to take the risks of a low turnout during the occasion. A few hundred invitations may be sent out, but the response is usually much lower. Also, if a perfect count of heads isn't available, it may be difficult for the planners to arrange hospitality when more people turn up than expected. With wedding RSVP cards, a couple can plan their marriage without the risk of having money go to waste due to absent invited guests. You have a perfect number of guests you are expecting, which saves wastage of money, time, and food while making sure that the professionals can carry their duties out perfectly!

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